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Getting started - load some waypoints

In order to create a route to navigate you will need to enter some Waypoints.
If you are going straight to your destination you only need one waypoint - your destination!

Most users will want to enter a quantity of waypoints so that they can create a number of different routes made up of Waypoints which are on the route and optionally Waypoints which are "off-route" such as navigation beacons to give you a better fix of your position relative to them.

Normally it is best to maintain your own list of waypoints as a file.

To enable a "quick start" you can download a list of airfields by country either from this web site or direct into your AWN application.

To download the sample data into AWN:

  • Ensure that your Android device is connected to the Internet
  • Run AWN then select "Import Waypoints" from the options menu then confirm "Yes" to download.
  • On the following screen, select your country then press the "Download" button to load the waypoints

For more advanced information about loading and saving waypoints please click here.