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Why Pascal?

Pascal is the jewel of computer languages. Passionately adored by its followers owing to its elegant syntax and ability to create dependable software.

Packs the equivalent power of C++ but more human readable than BASIC.

Pascal is the first choice for the novice, the non-IT business professional and for educators.

It is the best tool for software houses to produce reliable bug-free maintainable code.


Lazarus is a free open source IDE. It sets itself the goal of "write once, compile anyware".

Robust and lots of nice features. Probably all you will ever need. It supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS-X and other platforms.


The leading Pascal IDE. Extensive single / multi-tier database support.
Tight fast native platform executables.

Supports Windows, OSX, iOS & Android with planned support for Linux server. Not cheap but worth it.