... a GPS Navigator for Android devices

Welcome to Portable Aviation Navigator!

Navigate to a destination directly, or along a series of waypoints

Created with the needs of the general aviation pilot in mind but could equally be useful for sailing or other point to point navigation applications


Flight plan your route before take off as usual, noting restricted airspace and other features of the flight.

After take-off, Portable Aviation Navigator suppliments (or acts as emergency backup to) your primary navigation instruments with simple and clear navigation data without the information clutter of a moving map.

  • See current altitude, latitude and longitude (also shown on OpenStreetMap if an Internet connection is present). Store as Waypoint ("man-overboard" feature).
  • Import and Edit a list of Waypoints with instant "Navigate to" function
  • Maintain a list of regular routes with "on route" and "off route" waypoints
  • Navigate your Route with indicated Bearing and Distance to waypoints. Also Estimated Time Enroute and Estimated Time of Arrival for on route waypoints ahead. Display of Current Altitude, Vertical Speed, Ground Speed and Track.
  • Uses GPS only, for navigation so it works in "Flight Mode". Useful for air passengers needing to know if their flight is on time.
  • Nautical, Imperial or Metric units
  • Import and Export waypoint data
  • No expensive map updates
  • For Android 'phones, tablets and devices

The current version is available for Android only however future versions are planned for Apple iOS.

Written in Delphi.