Become a Pascal programmer now!

Pascal is based on the ALGOL programming language and named in honor of the French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal.

For historical reasons Pascal is not as mainstream as the C language variants (C++,Java, etc).

Over the years it has extended from a simple procedural language to include object orientation and advanced features like anonimous methods and genetics. Today it is a vey powerfiul language with all the features that you would expect in order to write complex software.

Pascal Devotees are passionate about its advantages.

It is no coincidence that Microsoft engaged a Pascal guru to lead the creation of their C# for DotNet language.


Pascal is one of the most "human readable" of all the programming languages.
This accelerates development because it helps you read your code and visualise the state of your project.
It is not normally necessary to write comments in the code because the functionality is obvious from the code itself.
Pascal produces maintainable code. This is of key importance to corporates and software houses. Another programmer (even if they are not primarily a Pascal programmer) can pick up the code and quicly see what it does.

Pascal is strongly type safe. You have to define variables before you can use them.
Because of this the compiler will detect most errors so that if your project compiles, the application will probably run without problems.


Visit the Wiki  for a description of the language.

The quickest way of learning Pascal is to start using it.
Download Lazarus and use my tutorial pages as a starting point for your life changing experience!

Use your browser Search engine to locate the many examples and projects on the Web.

Contribute to an open-source project. Pick a Lazarus bug, see if you can fix it and then submit a patch.